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Are you ready to report on the effectiveness of your company culture?

“During 2015, the FRC will assess how effective boards are at establishing company culture and practices and embedding good corporate behaviour.”                                             Financial Reporting Council, 2014


“The PRA expects that […] the board takes responsibility for establishing, embedding and maintaining a firm’s culture.”                                                                                         Prudential Regulation Authority, 2014

Across the globe, regulators continue to focus on the board’s responsibility for embedding effective cultures, especially when it comes to establishing good risk management behaviours. 

Leaders of organisations have long been aware that their corporate cultures shape the way people behave.  The drive now is to find how this relationship can be made more tangible.


Management teams are looking for faster and easier approaches to access culture information. Quantitative cultural metrics enable clear and timely reporting to the board. These metrics work alongside wider programmes of cultural development providing feedback on progress, and pinpointing areas of success as well as those that require more focus.

A culture is unique to its organisation. It is derived from the blend of activities a firm places most value on.

Data on the effectiveness of a culture includes:

  • the extent a culture is embedded

  • the alignment of culture to the values

  • the effectiveness of cultural practices

  • the speed of culture transmission

  • culture differences in business units / location

A corporate culture can be assessed as a single entity or as sub-cultures such as:

  • Risk

  • Learning

  • Innovation

  • Decision-making

  • Health & Safety


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Culture Mapping Solutions

For over a decade we have been providing clients with solutions for culture development. Whether a standard approach or a bespoke solution, we have enabled organisations to more fully engage with shaping their culture. 

Building on our client’s experiences, and coupled with empirically researched models, we developed an effective, easy-to-use and pragmatic culture assessment solution.  This survey is not an attitude or employee satisfaction survey.


The culture assessment tool provides our clients with real insights about where their culture is working well for them and where it is creating problems. An annual survey will allow executive teams to assess their culture development progress and ensure it is staying on track.

Survey sizes vary, taking between 10 to 15 minutes
and can be completed on any smart device.

Once the survey deployment has finished, the resultant report is used to inform cultural development changes.

Clients can directly manage the survey deployment adding or removing respondent groups, monitoring levels of survey engagement and sending email reminders. The analysis pinpoints specific client areas of interest. For example, a valued metric comes by comparing the variations in culture embedment between levels of management. 

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