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Systemic Consult featured in The Times


Systemic Consult provides insight into the significance of cultural assessment tools to improve performance in an agile way.


"Why Risk Management Must be Agile" written by Neil Cantle (Milliman) emphasizes the need for organisations to embrace complexity and anticipate risk. Follow the link to The Times' special issue, The Raconteur, here.


Traditional culture measuring surveys are built around questions that encourage respondents to use false information. The way that survey questions are worded is significant in the way that respondents reply. Our Culture Mapping Tool is non-judgemental and its questions rely on the way that employees behave in their work environment rather than observations which might be inconsistent depending on the individual’s mood. More information on our tool’s functionality and unique characteristics can be found here.



"As originally seen in 'Business Risk Strategies' published by Raconteur in The Times on 11th June 2015."


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