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Corporate Governance and Assurance

In an era where competitive advantage is key in distinguishing organisations, having “strong” corporate governance should be a priority. Being responsible for the organisation’s culture, the Board should be in charge of determining, communicating and transferring the appropriate set of behaviours which demonstrate that “strong” governance is in place. 

This training course will teach you how to establish the right culture in order to manage risks, and provide assurance to all stakeholders that your organisation’s processes and structures are not valuable as well as transparent.

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What does it include?

• Global issues of corporate governance

• The Board’s role in risk oversight

• Key challenges facing Boards in risk oversight

• Getting the Board composition right

• Leadership’s role in establishing the right corporate culture

• Risk and strategy – how they work together

• Risk & Compliance 

• Defining the risk appetite/risk tolerance of the organisation

• Information and the Board – dos & don’ts

• Effective boardroom conversations

• Organisation and talent development

• Interaction with shareholders

• The personal risks facing directors

• Lessons from major risk events 

What will you gain?

• Understanding of elements of a “strong” corporate governance framework

• Ability to build and establish appropriate culture, while taking stakeholders’ interests’ into account

• Understanding of the importance of having transparent processes and structures into place

• Ability to identify risks and clearly communicate risk management frameworks

• Ability to effectively build a risk profile for the Board

• Ability to monitor and review risk control processes

Who is it for: Board of Directors, Managers, Shareholders

How long: A day

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