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Measuring Culture

We help organisations measure their culture through our Culture Mapping Tool

Corporate culture is unique within each organisation. It consists of a blend of activities and behaviours that the organisation values the most. However, corporate culture can often be vague, confused or misaligned.


Boards are responsible for aligning and maintaining a sound culture within the organisation, but how could culture be mapped and what is it measured against?

To find out why it is important that companies measure their culture and how we do it - Click here!

Whilst organisations often look to industry benchmarks to set performance goals, culture requires a different approach. 


Our upgraded Culture Mapping Tool measures a culture across different geographic locations and business areas or functions and provides metrics on culture embedment and culture alignment . Firms have the opportunity to compare different sub-cultures and understand how the employees' perceptions on culture vary. 

Through the Culture Mapping assessment, firms can evidence their cultural alignment as well as make strategic decisions on how their culture should be shaped and embedded across the whole organisation.

Our tool is not an attitude survey! Click here!

Introducing the work

Understanding the work

Hilary Lewis talks about the different ways of looking at risk culture within organisations, on RiskTV.

Interested in finding out more about the validity of the Culture Mapping Tool? Read our Case Study.

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