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10+1 Reasons why our tool is different to attitude surveys....

1. Quick

It only takes 10-15 minutes to complete.

2. Inexpensive

3. Customisable

We customise and brand our surveys according to your needs. With a variety of library sets, you can choose the number of aspects of risk culture that you would like to measure as well as the level of depth you desire to go into each one.

4. Design your own benchmark

We encourage boards and organisational development teams to determine what their organisation is looking to achieve and design an internal benchmark, which we map against. 

5. Non-judgmental

Questions are based on the general behaviour within the organisation, allowing respondents in engaging with them with honesty.

7. Consistent

The questions are based on the employees' behaviour rather on observations which might change according to the respondents’ mood or temporary perception. 

8. Holistic result analysis

We focus on showing the current and benchmark alignment, the level of culture embeddedness etc. 

9. Clear and engaging visuals

Our visuals are graphically designed and clearly communicate statistics and points of focus. 

10. Responsive analysis

The process of analysis requires very little time once the survey is deployed. Having designed an internal benchmark in advance, the tool saves both time and extra efforts on both parts.

11. Abundance of information

6. Map across different geographic locations, business units or employee levels

Often, employees have a varied perception of organisational culture. Our tool gives you the opportunity to analyse results depending the level of employees or the business division. 

Our tool offers the ability to gather a wide range of data in a short amount of time. It also allows us to analyse the data in numerous combinations and gives you the opportunity to choose the most meaningful analysis options.

Why it is important that companies measure their culture and how we do it. Click here!

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