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Systemic Consult Ltd was founded in 2009 by Neil Allan, Yin Yun and Hilary Lewis.


After collaborating on several research projects for a variety of clients, they established Systemic Consult to further develop innovative systems thinking approaches to managing complex issues.


This diversity of experience has created a pragmatic consulting process strongly supported by thought leadership, nourished by continued research activity. 

Neil set up Systemic Consult Ltd. in 2009 to exploit the techniques developed using complex systems theories to understand risk behaviour.


He is a founder and fellow of the Bristol University Systems Centre and a visiting academic at the Univesity of Bristol (UK), University of Canterbury (NZ), University of Bath (UK) and Shanghai University (China). He led groundbreaking research into strategic risk in the UK (1996), funded by the Actuarial Profession, the Institution of Civil Engineers and the Department of Industry, in the UK. 


Since then he has worked in (which fields?) in (which countries)

Neil is commissioned by Many international companies in the insurance, construction and energy industries to implement the insights from his ongoing research.

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Who we are

Systemic Consult was founded in 2009 to promote systems thinking in business.  Since then the company specialised in using their deep understanding of systems and the interconnected nature of risk in organisations, to develop novel solutions and tools for the risk industry. 


All the team at Systemic are researchers and experinced practioniors who pride themselves in applying the latest thinking to real-world problems. We love challanges so give us a call !


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