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Engineering Management Partnership (EMP)

Learn from the best academics and industrial consultants. Enhance your future career potential. Join the EMP programme to change the way you think and act at work.


Many engineering companies have responded to global competition and become more strategic. They are getting better at analysing customer behaviour, producing quality products on time and on budget. To sustain these improvements, high calibre “engineer managers” are needed. 


Our aim is to take individuals out of technical and management “silos” and to give them these general management and leadership skills so they can take action to radically improve the performance of their departments and organisations.


We believe that learning in the workplace is the best way to develop these skills. Full-time programmes often disconnect learning from the reality of the working environment and do not provide the opportunity to address directly critical business issues within companies. Our action learning approach emphasises the need for a reflective process. 



What does it include?

The six core modules are:

• Competitive Business Environment

• Financial Management

• Human Resource Management

• Marketing Management

• Operations Management

• Project Management

Extra features

Who is it for: Early-career graduates in Engineering and Tehnnology

Extra features: EMP prides itself in having unparalleled flexibility, offering step by step progression to a higher qualification and requires minimal time away from the workplace, accommodating the demands of work and family life. After obtaining the Postgraduate Diploma, further academic options include: MSc in Engineering Management, MSc in Construction Management by Distance Learning, MBA, EngD), while of course a large number of students, having acquired the essential skills, and being highly competent, pursue employment.

What will you gain?

  • Personal marketability

  • Ability to demonstrate management capabilities through assignments of real value to your organisation

  • Ability to deliver real solutions and opportunities for the business through value-adding projects 

  • Decision-making and leadership skills

  • Technical, conceptual and strategic skills

  • Ability to  assess competitor behaviour and maintain competitive advantage

  • Ability to look ahead and understanding of national, international and global developments

  • Ability to compile and interpret financial statements

  • Ability to improve work quality by eliminating unproductive activities

  • Skills in workforce planning, appraisal and selection, training and development

  • Ability to challenge practices in place and lead change and improvement

  • Industrial and business relevance 

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