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Managing Change: Implications for HR Managers

Change projects are often necessary and it is imperative that those leading or involved in such projects feel confident enough to face resistance and support all employees through the change 'journey'.

By making a strong case for change and empowering individuals, change leaders will have the opportunity to implement change smoothly and make give their organisation a competitive advantage. This course - which has an overall satisfaction rate of 97% - examines successful adaptation by organisations and individuals to the rapidly changing work environment.  

What does it include?

• To broaden understanding of the change process

• To examine the influence of organisational factors in the success or failure of change

• To examine the key role of the individual in the change process 

• To work with the theory through analysis of examples.


Case studies will be used to illustrate issues. Course members will also engage in exercises to increase understanding.


• Recognition of the influence of change process on strategy 

• Leadership skills and motivation

• Confidence and ability to deal with resistance to change

• Initiating change by building a shared vision

• Ability to support each stage of change

• Ability to implement and review change


What will you gain?

Who is it for: Individuals currently initiating, involved in or leading change. People who are seeking new ideas to inform existing organisational processes.

How long: Five days

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