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Managing Risk

Managing risk is ultimately about people's behaviour. Nearly all risks are known by someone or could be determined with the right risk mind-set.    We offer risk management techniques and strategic advice to support the building of resilient organisations.

Strategic Risks are the interconnected threats that undermine the survival and purpose of an enterprise.   

Networks allow us to understand about the resilience of projects, supply chains and organisations. 

It is important that people behave and record information consistently to enable the organisation to take informed and timely decisions regarding risk. 

Risk Connectivity


Did you know that a risk with Med/High impact and low probability but high connectivity can be far more dangerous and common than people assume?

Neil Allan talks about how we identify hidden high impact risks, on Risk TV.

We take into account the unique evolutionary history of an enterprise’s risk system and determine the likely emergent and evolving risks.

Using systems concepts and fundamental principles from complexity science we have developed a prototype investment tool to aid selection of portfolios and individual stocks. 

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Risk Networks

Neil Allan talks about how we connect commonalities between causes of risk and between effects of risks to create a network to spot critical super connector risks, on Risk TV.

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Interested in Networks? Click here to read more!

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