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Culture Mapping Tool

 The culture mapping tool enables leaders to understand which behaviours their teams believe are most valued by the organisation.
This is valuable insight. These will be the most common behaviours seen within the organisation and will directly impact its performance. 

Through a 15-minute survey, the tool gathers data on a number of values and produces a visual map of the commonalities and differences amongst your teams. This includes both the current culture and can also investigate how they see the future culture.


Still think our tool is just like any other attitude survey? Click here!

Why? How? What?

By applying “systems principles” to risk behaviours, the tool measures the cohesion of culture among employees and reports can be provided to you in combination with a training workshop.

You can use the culture mapping tool at any stage. Ideally, you will want to create a set of values for your organisation early on. However, a lot of companies go through organisational changes – merges and acquisitions – and need to ensure that the different teams have an aligned perception of the company’s culture.

Why it is important that companies measure their culture and how we do it. Click here!

Systemic Consult explains how we map the culture across the organisation helping companies design an individual benchmark, on Risk TV.

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