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Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) for Risk and Project Managers

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is a growingly successful management approach where the identification and monitoring of risks is at the core of the organisation’s activities.

An ERM framework requires careful/strategic planning where stakeholders’ needs are taken into account and where internal control takes place frequently. This risk-based approach empowers managers and directors to seize the opportunities which will lead to more effective capital deployment and reduce productivity losses. It also ensures that goals are aligned with the company’s mission and that stakeholders are valued and protected. 


This training course can be treated as a complete guidebook to understanding the foundations of ERM and to building an ERM framework, enhancing your organisation’s corporate governance. 

The ERM groundwork

• The drivers of ERM – Why ERM is a vital business function

• Building a case for ERM – How to obtain top-level commitment

• Understanding the key ERM concepts(the impact of complexity, differentiating between Risk and Uncertainty, connecting ERM and Regulatory Compliance)



• Building an ERM foundation 

• Creating an ERM network: stakeholders, risk responsibilities and roles

• Defining the ERM parameters and understanding their impact

 – Mapping the Enterprise’s Risk Universe, Risk Tolerance and Risk Appetite

• Establishing ERM metrics 

• Developing an ERM environment 

• Consistency in ERM communication 


Developing and sustaining ERM

• Lessons learnt from case studies of ERM in the Oil and Gas industry

• Using Risk Maturity models to set ERM development objectives

• Using ERM to support key decision making processes

• The next steps


What does it include?

  • Understanding of the basic principles of ERM

  • Ability to build an ERM framework

  • Ability to identify risk and tolerance appetite

  • Decision-making skills on risk management issues

  • Ability to identify and assess risk and opportunities, and ability to act upon them accordingly

  • Ability to monitor and review ERM practices

  • Confidence and ability to clearly communicate ERM plans with various stakeholders

What will you gain?

Who is it for: Risk Managers, Risk Directors, Project Managers

How long: Four or five days

Extra features: The course's structure would form the overarching content. This needs to be developed however in the light of a dialogue with the client to gain a broader understanding of the training requirements of the target audience and the diversity amongst each group. The starting point for the delivery of all content will be to maximise the level of interaction of participants through discussions and activities in a facilitated workshop style.


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